Linda  LOPEZ en photo

Linda Nguyen Lopez was born in Visalia, California and lives in Unites Sates.

Linda is a first generation American artist of Vietnamese and Mexican descent. Her abstract works explore the poetic potential of the everyday by imagining and articulating a vast emotional range embedded in the mundane objects that surround us. Her works have been exhibited in Italy, New Zealand, England and throughout the United States including the Craft Contemporary Museum, Los Angeles; Museum of Art and Design, New York; Crystal Bridges Museum of American Art, Bentonville; Long Beach Museum of Art, Long Beach; The Hole Gallery, New York; Fisher Parrish Gallery, Brooklyn; and David B. Smith Gallery, Denver. She has been an artist in residence at The Clay Studio, Archie Bray Foundation, CRETA Rome, and Greenwich House Pottery.



    • a vendre Giant blue furry rectangle
    • a vendre Black loaf commission
    • a vendre Shivering dust furry with gold rocks
    • a vendre Untitled (Salmon dust furry with hole)
    • a vendre Sand nubby
    • a vendre Sans titre (fat gold bush)
    • a vendre Yellow dust furry with gold rocks
    • a vendre Sea green mop
    • a vendre Blue/Green ombre dust furry with gold rocks
    • a vendre Pink navy dust furry with cut outs
    • a vendre Green Ombre Dust Fury
    • a vendre Someone Somewhere
    • a vendre Ghost dust furry #2
    • a vendre Green/blue ombre dust furry with lobster cut out
    • a vendre Some things need nothing
    • a vendre Stillness
    • a vendre Green dust furry with gold rocks
    • a vendre Blue dust furry with gold lint