Dani  SOTER en photo

DANI SOTER born in Brazil, 1968. Lives and work in Brazil.

With a university degree in Languages and Lusophone Literature (Sorbonne, Paris), Dani Soter is self-taught artist. Between 2008 and 2010 she attended the course in Contemporary Jewellery Ar.Co, Lisbon, and at the same period developed a photography project with the curator Sérgio Mah. Since 1995 until today she participated in collective exhibitions in Brazil, France, Mexico and the United States, among other countries.c She participated in particular in two Biennials of Cerveira (2009 and 2011), Think Twice in MAD, New York, 2011, and De tanto esconder esqueci in the Revolver Platform, Portugal, 2012.

The artist also has individual exhibitions that can be highlighted, such as: Você fica melhor sem cabeça (You look better without head), 2015, Monique Paton Gallery, Rio de Janeiro/ Le trou (The hole), La Galerie, Paris, 2002/ Constelações (Constellations), the Minimum Gallery, 2004/ El Hilo, Palais de Glace, Buenos Aires (2005)/ O Fio de Ariadne (The Ariadne's Thread), Atelier da Imagem Gallery, Rio de Janeiro, 2006/  Do começo ao fim (From beginning to the end) Rock Gallery, Lisbon, 2010.

She realized the video Blablabla , awarded at the 9th Biennial of Santos, 2006 and her works were acquired by the MEP, Paris. She devised and participated in the artist residency Pensão Ibérica, Lisbon, 2011. Her works are in the Maison Européenne de la Photographie and in private collections. She was guest artist for the artist residency Echangeur 22 in France, 2015.



DDessin - cabinet de dessin contemporain du 12 au 14 avril 2013 - Maëlle Galerie STAND A2


- The poetics of Dani Soter


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