Joseph L . Griffiths, approach and process.

Joseph L . Griffiths is a multidisciplinary artist who makes drawings, installations, and environmental works. His detailed drawings document creative approaches to everyday life and echo the slow incremental handwork underpinning traditional craft practices such as weaving, pottery, and woodwork. His appreciation and sensitivity to materials and techniques are inspired by these traditions. The detailed renderings of natural environments, collected photographs, vernacular architecture, and manual crafts transcribe the links and tensions between artistic creativity, ingenuity and survival in contemporary society. His recent drawings weave cross-cultural decorative motifs, symbols and graphic elements into rich topographies, patterns and microscopic worlds that shimmer between abstraction and hyper-realism. Often utilising found papers and adapted techniques, his drawings seek to transform 2 dimensional surfaces into physical objects, calling their origins and means of production into question. His ongoing series of Artifacts delicately inscribe found objects, modest fragments and natural materials collected in the coastal environments surrounding his home and on his travels.