Stéphanie Brossard

Stéphanie Brossard was born in 1992, in Le Port of La Réunion. Through her installations, photographs and videos, she explores the drives of the world. Imagining chaos as a positive momentum, from which new possibilities emerge, the artist exposes the limits and contradictions of a story that is both singular and global. The artist’s concerns often come through the prism of natural disturbances. Mobility, border, creolization, diversity are put into relation with the movements of the world, earthquakes, eruptions, cyclones or other climatic and geological hazards.

Her work is exhibited in 2016 at the Collection Lambert in Avignon, in the Exhibition “Rêvez!”. Winner of the Yvon Lambert Prize for young creation, she is once again invited in 2019 to participate in “Rêvez #3 — Mémoires sauvées du vent”. She was selected for the Parallèle festival for the exhibition “La relève” at the HO Gallery, in Marseille. The same year, she was a finalist in the Contemporary Talents competition of the Schneider Foundation. In 2020, the Frac de La Reunion invites her for her first solo exhibition “l’intraitable beauté de nos vies sauvages“. In 2021, the Collection Lambert invites her to present another version of “l’intraitable beauté de nos vies sauvages #2“.


11.08.21 Ernest Breleur, Stéphanie Brossard, Patrick Chamoiseau, Chris Cyrille. The collective is laureate of the call for application MONDES NOUVEAUX from the ministry of culture.

10.29 – 01.30.21 L’intraitable beauté de nos vies sauvages #2, solo show of Stéphanie Brossard, La collection Lambert, Avignon, France


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