Jérémie  PAUL en photo

Jérémie Paul was born in Guadeloupe in 1983. He lives in both the West Indies and Europe.

He is a multidisciplinary artist fluctuating between painting and installation. He studied at Villa Arson (where he gained his DNSEP in 2009).

His career began when he returned to Guadeloupe (2009). He produced an exhibition, ‘Herrellà,’ with the Regional Council of Guadeloupe presenting his pictorial art. The following year he exhibited a sound installation at Artchipel Guadeloupe scène Nationale, revealing the acoustic side to his installation work. After bringing his first projects to fruition in Guadeloupe, he chose to return to Europe. He developed his painting technique for three years in Leipzig before moving to Paris.

Invited in 2016 to participate in the exhibition La redite en somme, ne s’amuse pas de sa répétition singulière at the Palais de Tokyo. Between pop art and surrealism, Jérémie Paul presents a world exhibiting a "figure". A figure in terms of entity, tinged with territoriality, and moved by feelings.

His vision is to combine his pretexts (reasons, triggers, needs) and to take them to their limits. These limits encompass his apprehension of genres, concepts and emotions. To gear pieces (paintings, sculptures, installations, costumes, videos...) towards "a maximum of conceivable possibilities" (Édouard Glissant), as a way of opening up to a world generating myth and poetics, in action; action like believing in one’s identity, ideas and dreams.



Tout-Monde Festival "Echo-Nature – Cannibal Desire" 13 - 17 avril 2019, Little Haiti Cultural Center, Miami


- Opaline and Vâyu  by Jérémie Paul: an encounter with the sixth continent
- The Amethyst Kha Dog leaves its mark


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